4 Best Tips on How to Hire a Deck Designer

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Written By Benjamin Eyth

Published on 1 Feb, 2024

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Hiring a Deck Designer


Thinking about adding a new deck to jazz up your outdoor area? You won’t regret it. A deck can transform your home into something special.

Although it’s possible to prefer DIY over a deck designer if you have carpentry experience and know how to draw deck plans for a permit, it’s still more prudent to get professional help. Hiring a deck designer and builder can save you time and money—especially for complex projects.


Are you dreaming of a deck with multiple levels? Do you need to incorporate plumbing and electrical work? Then it’s smart to hire a deck designer. Here’s how to find the right one for your project:

1. Check if they’re licensed by the manufacturer of your decking material.


Most manufacturers have a network of certified professionals, and it’s always a good idea to hire from this list.


Here’s why:


  • Specialized knowledge – A licensed deck designer receives specific training from the manufacturer. They know all about installation best practices, warranty specifics, and how different materials work together. They can build a deck plan that maximizes both aesthetics and functionality.


  • Warranty assurance – Manufacturer warranties often depend on qualified installers using their products correctly. Choosing a licensed designer means your deck is more likely to meet these standards, which could save you cash on future repairs.


  • Exclusive products and resources – Some manufacturers offer exclusive benefits to licensed designers (such as access to specialized tools, extended warranties, or discounts on materials).


  • Reduced risk of issues – Licensed designers are less likely to make mistakes due to their intimate knowledge of the specific decking material and its installation process. This can minimize the risk of leaks, structural problems, or premature decking failure.


Do you plan to use TimberTech? Then you need a deck designer who knows how to install this manufacturer’s PVC and composite decks. These pros have years of experience completing complex outdoor living projects using TimberTech’s innovative materials.

You may be wondering: Where can I find TimberTech deck designers near me? It’s easy. TimberTech has a Pro Locator tool that lets you find a licensed contractor based on your location. If you are in Spokane, for example, you can click here to find deck designers near you.


Outdoor Cedar Structures LLC is proud to be one of the contractors on this list. Aside from delivering deck designs and plans tailored to your needs, we can also build your additions using sustainable practices and high-quality materials. Contact us today to learn how to design a deck based on your specific lifestyle and outdoor entertainment needs.


2. Ask about their design process.


Designing a deck is complicated (to say the least). There are many factors to think about, including railings, entry points, and outdoor lighting, among others. Choose a deck designer who can weave these elements into a seamless and practical plan that suits your needs and taste.

Outdoor Cedar Structures LLC offers comprehensive design and installation services. Whether you need a basic deck for outdoor dining or a blueprint for a sophisticated pool deck plan, we can tailor our services to fit your exact needs. Here’s a snapshot of how our design process works:

  • Contact us to discuss your project.
  • Take advantage of our free design consultation. Feel free to bring along photos or sketches of your project. This step helps us understand the project scope and select the most suitable products.
  • Our team will visit your property for precise measurements and photographs.
  • We then develop an initial design and provide you with an accurate cost estimate for the project. You’ll get the opportunity to review and modify this design until it perfectly aligns with your vision.


3. Don’t hesitate to ask key questions.


The interview process is your chance to determine if the deck designer can meet all your project requirements. Ask them:

  • Do you have insurance?
  • Can I see some of your recent work?
  • How do you structure your fees, and what costs should I anticipate?
  • What’s your typical timeline for a project like mine?
  • May I contact your references?
  • What are the main challenges with my project?
  • How will you communicate updates and options?
  • Can you also serve as the general contractor?


4. Making your decision

Once you’ve finished the interviews, it’s decision time. Remember: This is about what you want and need. The right deck designer for you will be someone who can bring your vision to life, whose working style and personality suit yours, and whose price range fits within your budget. This balance ensures that you’re happy with both the process and the result of your project.


Looking for a deck designer? Outdoor Cedar Structures LLC—a family-owned business in Spokane, Washington—is proud to be a licensed TimberTech deck designer and contractor. We stay current with the latest outdoor design trends and product installation specifications, so you can be confident in the quality of our services.


As members of the North American Deck and Railing Organization and the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute, we are dedicated to building decks that withstand the test of time. We love creating beautiful outdoor spaces and would be thrilled to help bring your vision to life!

Curious about cooperating with our team? Explore more about our services by clicking here or reach out to us for a complimentary design consultation.

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