How Much Can a Deck Cost? Actual Splits of Pricing

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Written By Benjamin Eyth

Published on 3 Feb, 2024


Figuring out the deck cost is not always straightforward. So many things can affect the final cost—from the materials you choose to the design complexity to the labor required.


So, how much does it cost to build a deck? We’ve gathered information from TimberTech to help you get a clearer picture. The information below will help you figure out how much you need to build a deck based on your unique specifications.

As certified TimberTech deck contractors in Spokane, we can also provide accurate quotes to match your budget and design preferences. Simply contact us by calling (509)329-6054 or schedule a free design consultation to get your project off the ground.



Deck Cost of building a deck:

Some universal considerations


Certain baseline costs apply across-the-board when it comes to deck building. To give you a starting point, this infographic from TimberTech shows the typical cost distribution for a basic 16 x 20 deck (3230 sq. ft.) that’s professionally designed and installed.


As you can see, the biggest portion of your budget will likely go towards the labor for installing the deck and railing (32%), followed by the deck material itself (30%). Railing material and the substructure—including labor—also make up a considerable 13%. Fasteners make up 1% of the average cost to build a deck.


Let’s dive deeper into how these factors affect the cost of building a deck:


  1. SubstructureDo you want to demolish an existing structure and need to know the cost of replacing an old deck? If you already have a deck, then you have a substructure and might only need repairs or modifications to accommodate your new deck. Your project should cost less than building a new substructure from scratch.


  1. MaterialsDecking and railing materials vary in price. It’s important to think beyond the initial purchase price and consider repair and maintenance costs, too.

    If you want a cost-effective and long-lasting choice, check out TimberTech’s Composite and Advanced PVC lines. They offer the look of natural wood without the stress of maintenance. Plus, you get a variety of railing options and the assurance of strong warranties.


  1. LaborHiring a contractor is a major part of your deck’s cost, but it can save you from expensive mistakes. A TimberTech registered contractor not only brings expertise but also offers a Replacement Labor Warranty. This ensures that any installation-related issues are promptly and professionally addressed at no additional cost to you.


  1. FastenersDespite being a small part of the cost, fastening systems are essential for a durable deck. Outdoor cedar Structures use high-quality fastening systems that ensure a seamless and secure fit.


  1. Add-onsThese add-ons can enhance your deck’s comfort and functionality, but remember, they also increase the overall cost:
  • Electricity – Do you want to power up your deck? Outdoor GFCI outlets are perfect for heating, sound systems, or an outdoor kitchen. You can easily get price estimates for these installations from local hardware stores.
  • Heater – A propane patio heater adds warmth and ambiance to your deck. You can find a variety of models with different price points.
  • Furniture – The right patio furniture can transform your deck into a versatile outdoor space. Keep in mind the type, materials, and brand when budgeting for them.
  • Hot tub – Dreaming of a relaxing outdoor spa experience right at home? Factor in the tub’s size, features, and maintenance when planning for costs.
  • Bar – A bar can turn your deck into the perfect spot for hosting gatherings. Think about the size, materials, and design you want, and then look at prices at local home improvement stores.
  • Lighting – Want to create the perfect ambiance with lighting? String lights are the most affordable option. If you have a bigger budget, consider installing deck post lights or stair and rail lights.



Estimate your deck costs using materials and labor cost to build a deck calculator.


If you’re planning to build a deck, you’re probably asking:


  • How much does a 20’x20 composite deck cost?
  • How much does a 14×20 deck cost?
  • How much is the labor cost to build a deck per square foot?


You can get a general idea by using the TimberTech deck cost calculator.

Simply enter the dimensions of the deck you plan to build—whether it’s a 12×12 deck or 8×10 deck—and then indicate whether you’re building it yourself or intend to hire a contractor. You will receive a copy of your estimated deck cost by email.



How to save money on your deck project



  1. Use TimberTech.These deck materials are some of the most advanced and most cost-effective in the market. They’re made from a mix of recycled materials and high-performance polymers to offer superb resistance to common deck issues like rot, warping, and insects. Plus, they’re low maintenance. A simple clean now and then is all they need. This means you’ll save time and money in the long run without the constant need for staining or sealing.



  1. Have a detailed plan.As they say, planning well is half the battle won. You need a clear vision and precise measurements to create a deck that meets your expectations.

    You can get a detailed plan from our team here at Outdoor Cedar Structures LLC. We’ll visit, take measurements and photos, and provide an estimate for your review.



  1. Hire professional deck installers.Though more costly upfront, a professional deck installer offers valuable expertise and a hassle-free build. If DIY isn’t your thing or time is tight, this could be a smart move.



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