Ideas to Build a Beautiful Pool Deck in Your Backyard

Pool Deck

Written By Benjamin Eyth

Published on 6 Feb, 2024

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Looking to transform your pool area into a safe, stylish, and comfortable outdoor haven with the perfect pool deck? We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we talk about pool decking ideas you need to know to improve both the functionality and visual appeal of your backyard.



But first: Why build a deck around your pool?


A pool deck is an investment in safety, comfort, and the overall value of your home. It offers many benefits:



  • Textured decks prevent slips and falls, which is crucial for keeping kids and the elderly safe. A deck also clearly separates the pool and the yard to keep splashes contained.


  • Forget soggy grass! A dry and stable pool deck makes it easy to keep poolside must-haves like towels and snacks within reach.


  • Certain decking materials can absorb and retain sunlight, gently warming your pool in cooler times. Some decks even offer UV protection to help extend your pool liner’s life.


  • Finally, a well-designed pool deck can potentially boost the value of your home. It extends your living space and creates an area that’s perfect for hosting barbecues, enjoying alfresco dining, or simply relaxing with friends and family. No wonder a pool deck is a coveted feature that can significantly improve your home’s market appeal!



Practical pool decking ideas to keep in mind.


Now that you know why building a pool deck is important, let’s talk about how to design one. Whether you’re looking for round pool deck ideas or deck ideas for inground pools, these guidelines can transform your outdoor space into a stunning and functional area.


Pool deck idea #1: Use pavers.


Pavers are known for durability, effective drainage, and heat absorption. These practical and long-lasting materials are cost-effective over time despite a higher initial investment. No wonder most above ground pool deck ideas recommend using this material.


  • Durability – Pavers are built to endure heavy foot traffic, harsh UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Thanks to their robust build, they resist cracking and chipping better than concrete.


  • Enhanced drainage – Pavers keep your pool deck safe and dry. They prevent puddles and reduce mosquito breeding, making your pool area safer and more comfortable.


  • Easy repair – If a paver gets damaged, you just replace that one piece—not the whole deck. You can keep your deck looking pristine over the years without spending too much.


  • Heat absorption – Some pavers (particularly those made of stone or concrete) absorb heat to slightly warm your pool during cooler months. This extends your swimming season and can improve your pool experience.


  • Cost-effectiveness – While pavers might cost more upfront, their longevity and low maintenance make them a savvy long-term investment.



Pool deck idea#2: Focus on texture.


Textured materials bridge the gap between man-made structures and nature, helping you create a tactile and visual connection with the environment. A textured deck feels right—like it was always meant to be there.


Belgard pavers are a great choice. Their wide range of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes gives you the freedom to express your style and opens a world of possibilities.


You can juxtapose smooth, modern pavers beside your contemporary home or choose stone-like textures for a more rustic feel. No matter your preference, Belgard pavers make it easy to create a deck that naturally extends from your home.



Pool deck idea #3: Add a pop of color.


Why not elevate a neutral pool patio with vibrant colors? This is one of the easiest poolside decorating ideas you can do right away! Bright umbrellas or accessories such as colorful cushions, patterned rugs, or decorative planters can contrast beautifully with natural backdrops and add energy to the space.



Pool deck idea #4: Go timeless.


Neutral-colored pavers with smooth finishes are classics that blend well with various architectural styles. Complement them with traditional outdoor furniture in wrought iron or wood for an elegant and cohesive result.



Pool deck idea #5: Create a ‘warm modern’ deck.


Modern doesn’t have to mean flat or monotonous. The key is balance. Choose large and sleek pavers and geometric patterns in contemporary colors to create a clean look but try to mix textures for visual interest and depth.



Pool deck idea # 6: Nail a natural and organic look.


Do you want to give your outdoor space a rustic charm? Use irregular natural stone pavers in earthy tones to mimic the natural landscape and blend seamlessly with your garden. Incorporate some greenery between pavers to add that lush, welcoming touch.



Pool deck idea #7: Incorporate fire pits and seating areas


Designated lounging or dining areas—possibly with a fire pit—create a cozy and inviting poolside ambiance. Add comfortable seating like cushioned lounge chairs or a built-in bench to encourage relaxation and conversation!



Pool deck idea #8: Don’t forget lighting.


Proper lighting is crucial for visibility and safety. It also lets you set the mood in your pool area after sunset. Install LED lights, solar-powered lanterns, and underwater pool lights strategically to create a magical atmosphere.




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