Type of Decks for a House

types of decks

Written By Benjamin Eyth

Published on 6 Feb, 2024


Types of decks in a house vary in terms of shape and size, but they all share a common goal: to create inviting, functional, and attractive outdoor living spaces. A good deck also increases your backyard’s functionality and boosts your property’s resale value.

But which types of decks are best for your type of home? The right choice really depends on various factors apart from your personal preference.

Going over the different types of decks

Square and rectangular decks remain popular with homeowners who want a timeless and traditional look and feel. But if you’re looking for something more unique, you can always explore L-shaped deck framing, octagonal designs, and curved structures, all of which can add a standout element to your property.

No matter what you choose, remember that most layouts have customizable elements to meet your unique needs and preferences, so you can tailor them to match your home’s aesthetic, fit your lifestyle, and maximize your outdoor space.

Let’s dive deeper into the different types of decks for houses you can have made in Spokane:

Traditional deck shapes

Classics like square and rectangular decks are highly versatile and work with almost every space. They also go well with any architectural style.

Low square –

A simple, low square deck design provides an inviting and open space that seamlessly transitions from your house to the backyard.

High-rise rectangle –

Got a home with a view? A high-rise, second-story rectangle deck can be a great choice as the height creates a vantage point that lets you take in the views.

Rectangle with an angled corner –

Rectangle decks can have one or more angled corners to soften their profile while adding an edge to their design.

Traditional shapes are also perfect as small decks for houses. Their straightforward design maximizes limited space, ensuring functionality without overwhelming the area.

Distinctive deck shapes

Do you want to make a statement? Decks with distinctive shapes can show off your unique taste while offering more functional space:

Rectangle with octagon –

If you love hosting gatherings in your backyard—an intimate dinner or a large family barbecue—then this deck shape might be ideal for you. It features a smaller octagonal section and a larger rectangular section, making it flexible for any purpose.

Curved –

You can curve just one section or the perimeter of your entire deck—it’s up to you. Either way, this style creates a truly one-of-a-kind and elegant deck that seamlessly blends with your landscaping.

L-shaped wraparound –

Do you want a side house deck? This shape extends the house’s floor plan without obstructing your backyard’s openness. Although it hugs the house, it still provides a lot of space for entertainment.

Consider your home’s aesthetic.

Another way to choose a deck style is to base it on your home’s aesthetic.

Here are some examples of different types of decks:

Traditional-style homes:

Almost all types of decks go well with traditional-style houses. But for a truly timeless and elegant touch, consider a curved deck design.

The circular section becomes a natural and inviting area for gatherings, especially if you enhance it with a built-in bench that wraps around half of the circle. You can also create a focal point by placing a coffee table in the middle of the circle.

Do you want a more eye-catching design? Try using deck boards of different colors to define that space.

1. Craftsman-style house:

With their artisanal aesthetic and handcrafted look, craftsman-style homes go well with decks that emphasize their architectural craftsmanship, such as rectangles with angled corners and squares.

A deck with angled corners also adds a curated feel to your outdoor living space while blending in with the home’s artisanal elements.

2. Mid-century modern houses:

Chic and simple deck styles go well with sleek mid-century modern architectures and exteriors. Consider installing a rectangular or square deck that mirrors the right-angled geometric shape of your house for a more cohesive appearance.

Does your home’s exterior feature greenery, stone, and other natural textures? Consider nature-inspired and deeply saturated decking to add more character to the space without standing out too much.

3. Scandinavian-style homes:

The minimalist design elements, neutral color schemes, and natural materials of a Scandinavian-style home go well with low rectangular decks. Use warm tan decking or any other muted foundation, and layer textiles like patterned throw pillows, woven furniture, and blankets for a cozier look and feel.

4. Farmhouse-style homes:

Make your farmhouse-style property look even more distinctive with wraparound decks and porches. Or you can go for a low-to-the-ground wraparound deck style if you want more space for large gatherings.

Design your deck with a deck contractor.

Now that you know the different types of decks for houses that you can explore and customize, how about designing one of your own with our help?

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