A Complete Guide to 13 Types of Pavers to Build Beautiful Driveways

Written By Benjamin Eyth

Published on April 1, 2024

Transforming your driveway with high-quality types of pavers can increase your home’s curb appeal. Hiring the right professionals to complete your paver installation will eliminate the guesswork and ensure a flawless, long-lasting installation.

A professional team can also guide you through the different types of pavers and provide tailored advice so you can select the perfect material for your unique driveway needs.


What are the best types of pavers for driveways?


Here at Outdoor Cedar Structures, we proudly use Belgard pavers because we feel they are the best in the market.  Thanks to their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Belgard has become a top name in pavers.

The brand constantly pushes boundaries, introducing new and exciting materials to transform and beautify outdoor spaces while ensuring the highest quality and performance.

Moreover, Belgard paving materials are functional and create stylish and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces, from stunning patios to beautiful driveways.


Types of Belgard pavers for creating a beautiful driveway


Below is a carefully curated list of pavers you can use to build functional and attractive driveways:

Avalon Slate

ADA-approved Avalon Slate is a versatile paver that can handle light or regular vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It comes in 3-piece large 60mm pieces arranged in different patterns.

Its dimensional texture delivers the natural aesthetic of cut slate, making it perfect for driveways and flexible enough for courtyards, patios, pool decks, and walkways.

Belgian Cobble

If you prefer cobblestones for that old-world feel, check out Belgian Cobble by Belgard. This porous material is offered in a 60mm multi-piece system that resembles natural stones sourced from a mountain creek’s bed, allowing you to create a picturesque driveway (especially when installed in random patterns). These pavers can also be used as borders or accents with materials like Cambridge Cobble.


Cambridge Cobble

Are you looking for a more durable cobblestone? Cambridge Cobble is an excellent choice. It can handle light to regular vehicular and pedestrian traffic while ensuring ADA compliance.

These versatile pavers, with their domed pillow-top surface and gently rounded corners, provide a tailored, architectural finish to your driveway.

Moreover, they come in multiple pattern options and subtle color combinations that allow you to get creative with intricate designs.


Catalina Grana

Do you want crisp and clear lines for your driveway? Look no further.

Catalina Grana pavers have a smooth, linear surface that delivers that aesthetic while providing a comfortable, eye-pleasing finish.

Plus, it’s fully ADA-compliant and ideal for high-traffic driveways. The modular system simplifies installation and offers flexibility with possible laying patterns.



With smooth, crisp, and clean lines, Dimensions creates stunning modern driveways without compromising efficiency.

The maximized pallet layout and reduced cuts mean less time and hassle for installation. Plus, there are options for creative layouts and patterns or for working with Belgard’s Origins paver line.


Dublin Coble & Circle Kit

Dublin Cobble pavers offer a timeless look with their antiqued edging and distressed surface. Moreover, they provide a time-worn and casually elegant aesthetic to your driveway.

These pavers have a Circle Kit that lets you make circular and arched designs. Take advantage of its various shapes, sizes, and natural color blends to create a one-of-a-kind driveway with character.



Create a striking driveway with Empire pavers. While they let you make intricate patterns, these types of pavers are ADA-compliant, pedestrian-friendly, and can handle light to regular vehicular traffic.

Their hand-tooled appearance and timeless colors (Scandina Grey and Midnight) add a contemporary twist to your driveway when arranged in basketweave or classic herringbone designs.

Their modular sizing lets you pair them with Origins and Dimensions pavers.


Geometric Shapes

If you’re using Belgard Origins or Dimensions pavers, Geometric Shapes can provide the finishing touches they need to create visually intriguing accents, inlays, or borders.

These types of pavers have a smooth face, adding a contemporary look to your driveway. You can get creative with patterns like diamonds, hexagons, and parallelograms of two sizes.


Holland Stone

Holland Stone’s aesthetics may be simple and practical yet boast exceptional durability and strength. Plus, these pavers come in attractive color blends that make them popular with commercial and residential installations.

The pavers feature a clean, modular shape and basic form, making them versatile for many applications, including driveways.

You could even use them for borders or inlays and create an intriguing look with colors like Victorian, Toscana, Rio, and Graphite.



Modular pavers are anything but boring, and Mega-Lafitt proves this with its natural-looking textures. These types of pavers combine the feel and aesthetic of cut flagstone without compromising durability. How durable are these pavers? They can handle heavy traffic from heftier vehicles.


Old World Paver

Do you want your driveway to resemble the cobblestone streets in old European cities?

Old World Paver is perfect for that aesthetic with its natural stone cleft finish that makes it look like time-worn cut stone. These types of pavers are also durable and can handle high-traffic areas.

The wide range of patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors allows you to get creative and make one-of-a-kind designs. Moreover, they can be used as accent features or a porous paving system.



For driveways, we recommend the Origins 6 – 3pc set. Combined with accent pieces, the pavers resemble natural stone while offering modular sizing.

Installation is a breeze with their maximized pallet layout, and reduced cuts help reduce waste. You can also make creative patterns with more options and sizes.

For instance, you can make these types of pavers work with the Dimensions smooth-face paver line.


Plaza Paver

Driveways are often high-traffic areas that require durable and safe surfaces.

Plaza Paver delivers with its tight-fitting joints and large-scale, ADA-compliant surface. These features allow you to bring a modern, elegant aesthetic to your driveway.

The blended and solid colors are easy to mix and match for a one-of-a-kind finish that adds character to your property.


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