10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Paver Contractor

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Written By Benjamin Eyth

Published on 7 May, 2024

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Are you dreaming of a stunning patio or driveway? Create it with pavers! These practical additions can dramatically transform your outdoor spaces and boost your property’s curb appeal. However, it is crucial for pavers to be appropriately installed for lasting beauty and functionality.

Hiring a specialized paver contractor is the best way to ensure the job is done right. These professionals bring expertise and specialized tools to the table, ensuring that your pavers are flawlessly installed and built to last. But how do you find the right paver contractor?

Ready to get started? If you have a contractor in mind, here are ten essential questions to ask before you hire them:


Question #1: How long will you be working on my project?

Ask them for a clear picture of the timeline. A reputable paver contractor won’t make unrealistic promises, but they will provide a detailed schedule so you can manage expectations and plan your life around the project.

Question #2: Are you insured?

Unforeseen problems happen; when they do, you shouldn’t be left holding the bag. Make sure the paver contractor is insured and willing to show their documentation.

According to the American Paver Association, a contractor’s liability insurance should be worth at least $1 million for sufficient coverage against expenses or damages caused by their work.

Question #3: How many people are working on my project?

During your consultation, inquire about their typical crew size for similar projects. Opt for a paver contractor with a team of professionals to facilitate the swift and efficient completion of your project. The number of workers assigned should be tailored to the size of your project.

Question #4: Can you guarantee the quality of my paver installation after finishing the job?

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that a finished project means perfect, not realizing that problems can potentially arise later.

A reputable contractor will stand behind their work with a warranty or guarantee. They’ll address any issues that might surface after the project is completed, giving you peace of mind and long-term confidence in your investment.

Question #5: How long have you been installing pavers as a professional paver contractor?

Look for a well-established paver contractor with years of experience in the business. Take the time to verify their references and reviews or testimonials. Experienced contractors will not hesitate to provide them and prove their abilities.


Question #6: How much can I expect the project to cost?

Ask for a detailed and transparent quote before hiring a paver contractor. The only way they can provide this is by visiting your property to see the area’s size and layout and the existing conditions.

Their detailed estimate should factor in the type and quantity of pavers required for your project, the amount of preparation work (like sub-base excavation), and the labor hours needed to complete it.

Question #7: What kind of pavers will you use?

Don’t just take the contractor’s word on pavers. They can offer expert advice, but in the end, you have to choose what best suits your project and style.

Here at Outdoor Cedar Structures, we’ll walk you through a variety of paver options that may be suitable for your project while considering factors like color, design, and durability. Because we prioritize quality, we offer pavers from reputable brands like Belgard. We’ll provide paver samples so you can envision the finished look in your outdoor space.

Question #8: What designs do you use for paver installation projects?

A good contractor will do more than just lay pavers. They can also suggest additional features like integrated pathways, stunning patios, or creative design elements that enhance your outdoor space. The more you discuss your options, the better equipped you are to choose the right contractor.

Question #9: Can I see your portfolio of finished projects?

A contractor’s previous work can offer valuable insights into their capabilities. By reviewing their past projects, you can assess their ability to bring your ideas to life and determine whether your design preferences align with theirs.

Question #10: How long will these pavers last?

Reputable paver contractors will assist you in selecting pavers that align with your needs and lifestyle. Their goal is to ensure that your completed patio, driveway, or walkway is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to maintain and made to last for many years.

Here at Outdoor Cedar Structures, we’ll help you choose only high-quality pavers that meet your needs in terms of style, color, and function.

We’ll also oversee your project from start to finish, including the design and installation. You can even rely on our experts to help you pick the right materials.

If you’re ready to hire a paver contractor, schedule your free design consultation with us by calling (509) 329-6054.

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