Upgrade Your Decks : 10 Best Cost-Effective Add-ons

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Written By Benjamin Eyth

Published on 12 Feb, 2024

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Decks are standard in many American homes. 85% of single-family homes in America have one or a similar structure, and it’s easy to see why. After all, a deck can help you make the most of the outdoors and extend family gatherings beyond the walls of a home. If you already have one, you’re aware of these benefits!


But if you’ve had your deck for a few years, it might look and feel a bit outdated.

This is the perfect opportunity to investigate deck decorating ideas! Not sure where to start? You don’t need to look elsewhere because, in this blog, we’re sharing add-ons that will help you save money and instantly improve your deck’s appearance and functionality.

Many more straightforward deck decor ideas can be done without professional help, but we also included more significant ideas that the pros can help you with. Don’t worry; these outdoor deck decorating ideas and add-ons won’t cost as much money as building a deck from scratch.


10 Cost-Effective Add-ons to Upgrade Your Decks


Add-on #1: Shading

Do you want to enjoy your backyard all year round? A shade shelter can turn your deck into a cozier and more comfortable place for entertaining, no matter the weather. It can also help protect you and your deck furniture from direct sun exposure.

Why not add a covered pergola? This is one of the cozy small deck decorating ideas that can quickly transform your outdoor space and make it even more functional for gatherings, rain or shine. Plus, you can do this as a DIY project!


Add-on #2: Deck Lighting

Are you looking for small deck decorating ideas that can help you make even a compact deck seem larger? You can never go wrong with adding lights. TimberTech has the best deck lighting in various styles:


  • Accent lights enhance safety and visibility while artfully illuminating transition points, posts, or stairs.
  • In-deck lights softly illuminate your deck’s surface with a warm, flush-mounted white light.
  • Small accent lights increase the safety and warm feel of your deck.
  • Composite post-cap lights generate a soft halo of light to emphasize spaces and increase visibility elegantly.
  • Lighted island caps provide a subtle, gentle glow to the deck, making them among the best budget-friendly add-ons for outdoor deck decorating ideas.
  • Under-rail lights make your outdoor space glow from its frames.
  • Riser lights improve visibility and safety by providing discreet, gentle stair illumination.


Add-on #3: Under-deck water management system

Do you want to still be able to use the underdeck space of your two-story deck even when it’s raining? Check out DrySpace by TimberTech. It effectively gathers and directs moisture from the spaces between the deck boards with an under-deck drainage system. This can be a DIY project if you have enough tools and a buddy to help you, but you can also call the pros for fast and efficient installation.


Add-on #4: Planters

Are you looking for deck decorating ideas with plants? Built-in planters are a great choice. Besides adding greenery to your space, they help increase your privacy, too.

Another alternative to built-in planters is the railing-mounted type that you can use to line your deck’s railing. This deck decorating idea on a budget is easy to do and will instantly add a green touch that makes your deck more comfortable and welcoming.


Add-on #5: Privacy fence

Nobody likes unsightly views and nosy neighbors. The good news is you can block them off by converting your deck railing into a privacy screen. Aside from increasing your privacy, it can also minimize noise and wind so you can relax comfortably on your deck.


Add-on #6: Awning

A fabric patio awning can be another budget-friendly cover for your deck. It’s quick to set up, provided you have a sturdy frame. This frame lets you keep the awning up year-round or remove it seasonally. Just be sure the awning’s fabric is water-resistant, offers UV protection, and is guaranteed to last for at least 15 years.


Add-on #7: Outdoor seating

Do you want to make your deck more functional for gatherings without expanding it? An outdoor storage bench should do the trick. It can double as a place to keep books, blankets, and extra cushions. For a unique touch, build your bench using materials like your decks, and consider fabrics that complement other furniture.


Add-on #8: String lights

This is the easiest way to make your decks more eye-catching. Plus, string lights add a magical atmosphere to your outdoor space to make it more appropriate for entertaining and relaxing!


Add-on #9: Pergola

You must hire a professional to build a pergola, but the investment is worth it. This add-on can shade your home’s interior and upper deck from sunlight while providing space for climbing or hanging plants.


Add-on #10: DIY post caps

Do you want to add personalized touches to your decks? Custom post caps should do the trick. Deck post caps are coverings placed on top of the posts on the deck and are often considered decorative. This is why some finished decks don’t have them.


Is it time for a deck upgrade?

You don’t need to spend a fortune to upgrade your decks with these add-ons. If you require professional help enhancing your deck, don’t hesitate to contact us at Outdoor Cedar Structures LLC for a free design consultation. Leave a message or call (509) 329-6054.


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